Monday, 29 September 2014


I admit it, I want more for my child that I had for myself, than my parents had for themselves.  I seek out activities and research experiences that will challenge, educate and mold my children into the perfect members of society we all wish to see.

All parents want their children to be happy, healthy well adjusted contributing members to our society and then – and only then – will our job as a parent be complete.
Does this sound familiar to anyone??!!

Many parents land at dance lessons for their children as one of the experiences they seek out to complete this mission.  At the studio we get phone calls every day from parents who want this experience for their child. One of cute costumes, glitter, pink tulle, glitter and adorable photo ops, did I mention glitter?!  All the things that are cute and girly. 

While we are at it they will learn so many life lessons : friendships, listening skills, discipline, taking instructions, being responsible for their class attire and shoes, being prepared, respect for others, respect for themselves, self confidence (getting up on stage is REALLY hard!) – the list can go one for miles of all the great things dance can do for your child.

Below is an article that a friend of mine posted – she doesn’t have kids – but she posted it anyway – she believes that strongly in this experience for her unborn child.

Enjoy the article – I know I didJ

Miss Tara

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