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4 Things To Consider When Choosing A Dance School

4 Things To Consider When Choosing A Dance School:

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Why Choose Ambition Performing Arts?

If most studios seem to have qualified, friendly teachers, experience teaching children and a big show at the end of the year, aren’t they all the same? Does it really matter which place you choose to enroll at?

YES! There are 4 main things that can make a huge difference in the quality of instruction your child receives, the amount of extra work and hassles parents must deal with and the overall enjoyment and satisfaction of being involved with a dance program.

1. What type of floor is used?

Dance is a very physical activity that requires a lot of jumping, which can put stress on bones and joints. Most dance footwear does not provide any cushioning or support, so the shock of movement can place a large amount of strain on the knees and back of the dancer.

At APA our floors were designed the same as the New York City Ballet. They are constructed with a basket weave triple layer system that will absorb hours or training and jumping. Why is this important? Whether you train once a week or decide to dedicate hours to your craft, our floors will help you maintain a healthy and protected body. Our high quality sound systems, disco balls and professional stage lights are hung in both classrooms! Can you say dance party?! We have them all the time - every week, right in the classroom!

2. What is the size of the class? What is taught? How is it scheduled?

If the class has fewer students, each child will receive more personalized attention, learn more and have more fun. A smaller class size allows the teacher to control the class, allows funda­mental concepts to be explored, and ensures students develop positive habits and proper technique.

We teach all of our classes with proven syllabus and teacher certifications so you can be confident that our APA classrooms are enriched with with our experienced teachers. We ensure balanced lesson plans that promote strength, flexibility and positive body knowledge.  We also offer community performances so our students can give back to the community while increasing their self esteem!
APA also has many classes back to back for dancers and siblings. We will go the extra mile to help you get a schedule your busy family can live with and enjoy. Now that is win win!

3. What are the extras required for classes and dance recital?

Most studios require a dress code for class. This is a list of required footwear and clothing needed to participate.  This helps dancers train safely and correctly.

At APA we have a fully stocked dancewear boutique. We truly are the one stop shop. We know families are busy and have limited time. We want to help make your experience at our studio worry free. We have all your shoes, bodysuits and tights in stock year round to help you balance your schedule and spend more time with your family and less time running errands.

Most studios put on a Dance Recital show in a profes­sional theatre. Students performing in the show must have a costume. Some studios require parents to sew costumes or pay extra for sewing and alterations. This can be frustrating and time consuming for people who are too busy or don’t sew.

The best recital is one where your studio helps you look after all the little details. At APA we make sure your costume is sized properly and ready to go. We look after the expense of alterations and the time of getting it done. It is our goal to ensure our customers always receive top notch service.

4. Can I get customer service?

In many studios the teacher or studio owner conducts the class and does the administration. By trying to do two jobs at once, the class may suffer as the teacher deals with administration during class time, or there may be no customer service available if the teacher is in a class.

At APA we have scheduled office hours 6 days a week with helpful, knowledgable staff. We work hard to help you handle all the details so that you can get back to what is important - fun with your family!  We offer monthly payment plans to help you budget for great classes all year.  With our family friendly culture you can feel great about where your kids hang out and what they learn.

We are always excited to create an exciting journey in the arts for more families.

Tara Pickford

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