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5 Things to Make Your First Dance Class Spectacular!

5 Things to Make Your First Dance Class Spectacular!
Are you totally new to the dance experience? Do you have a child who is beyond thrilled about the classes they are about to start?  We have put together a few tips to help you ease into a great season in the arts.

1.                 Arrive Early
Please make it a priority to arrive 10 min early for your first class so we can get you settled in before the fun starts. This will allow you to get familiar with the layout of the studio, where to put outdoor shoes and hang your coat and stash your bag.  It also leaves time for a last chance bathroom break. We want to make sure your dancer is totally ready to learn without interruptions to distract them.

You dancer will wait in the lobby with the rest of their class until their teacher opens the door to release one class and invite in the next. They will loudly call out the name of the class. Listen carefully. Of course if you have any questions, our knowledgeable office staff can always help you settle in and provide answers to all your questions.
2.        Have Your Dress Code Ready Before Your First Class
Most classes require a dress code.This is a list of required footwear and clothing needed to participate.  This helps dancers train safely and correctly. Our friendly office staff can help you figure out what your dancer needs for class.

At APA we have a fully stocked dancewear boutique. We truly are the one stop shop. We know families are busy and have limited time. We want to help make your experience at our studio worry free. We have all your shoes, bodysuits and tights in stock year round to help you balance your schedule and spend more time with your family and less time running errands.

If for some reason your dancer will not be attending their first class in dress code - please talk to your child so they know they will be dressed differently than the other dancers in their class. Some children struggle with this and it harms their ability to enjoy the experience.

3.        Have A Positive Attitude And Make Some Friends
Trying something new can be very exciting, but it can also bring about some of those butterflies in your stomach.  Remind your dancer that having a positive attitude towards learning is a great skill to develop. Trying new things is hard but can lead to some great learning experiences and may lead them to discover a passion they would never know they had!

Having a positive attitude and being open to meeting new people and introducing yourself will help you get settled in class and leads to great things! When you have a positive attitude, people are naturally drawn to you. You can’t help but make new friends when you share your joy and positive attitude with others. It is a win win for everyone!
4.        Bring A Smile And Take A Picture On Our Red Carpet
Bring a smile with you not only to class but everywhere you go :) Smiling when you are working on a new skill helps your brain learn faster! Smiling at others attracts new friends! It is always a good idea to smile, even when you are having a bad day!

We have our Red Carpet set up in the lobby the first few weeks of classes to help you capture wonderful memories (and that beautiful smile). It is also a great way to distract your dancer if the nerves are becoming a bit much :)  Many friendships start on our red carpet - you just never know!
5.        Thank Your Teacher And Your Parents
We love teaching our dancers all about respect for themselves and others around them.  You will often find our staff reminding dancers about manners and how others might want to be treated. It is so important to help our dancers understand their impact and that a please and thank you can go a long way!  

After every class it is a dance tradition for dancers to thank their teachers for sharing their knowledge and time.  In return teachers thank their students for being such willing learners.  We also like to encourage the dancers to thank their parents or whoever that special person is who took the time to provide the lessons and get them to and from dance so they can have a wonderful dance experience.

Have a great first class and we are here to help you with any concerns or questions you may have!

Tara Pickford

Here is all the information you need to find the studio:
Ambition Performing Arts Inc.
#205 2002 Luxstone BLVD
(second floor - enter between nail salon and 7-11)

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